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Inductive Encoder

Our position sensors and encoder kits are all based on the “coil-on-chip” technology, which enables the fabrication of the world’s smallest inductive sensors. The inductive sensor (a differential transformer) is fabricated on top of an electronic chip, which contains all the electronics necessary for sensor-operation, interpolation, linearizationand interfacing (the picture shows a device with coils and electronics on two separate chips).

Linear Encoder
  •  Output                       A quad B + Index

  •  Target Linear scale   Up to 200 mm

  •  Resolution                 Down to 37 nm

  •  Speed                        Up to 32 m/s depending on resolution

Rotary Encoder
  •  Output                         A quad B + Index

  •  Target                          3 Codewheels  Ø 28, 53 and 73 mm

  •  Resolution                   Up to 1'474'560 CPR

  •  Speed                          Up to 8'000 RPM depending on resolution

Gearwheel Encoder
  •  Output                         A quad B + Index

  •  Target                          Contact us to get information

  •  Interpolation                 Up to 16384

  •  Speed                          0 - 25kHz

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