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Asycube Series - 3-Axis Vibration Robotic Parts Feeder

Asyril's award-winning series of Asycube flexible feeders offers high performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components.

Asycube Product Range

Typical part sizes


< 0. 1to 5 mm

3 to 15 mm


5 to 40 mm

15 to 60 mm

30 to 150 mm

Feeder Advantages

  • Compatible with all part geometries: 99% of parts can be fed on our feeders - including complex geometries and delicate materials

  • Extremely gentle part handling due to Asyril’s innovative
    3-axis vibration technology
    : parts can be moved in all directions, including
    the optimal choice of flipping amplitude for each part. Minimal abrasion as parts do not
    need to be recirculated. Platform purge possible


  • Advanced reliability and durability due to State-of-the-Art Voice Coil
    Technology; no compressed air


  • Avoid backfeeding of vibration into surrounding machines thanks to isolation of vibratory platform and feeder base

  • Precise part detection thanks to integrated, adjustable backlight / optional
    EYE+ Smart Control System


  • Systematic part orientation can be achieved with intelligently structured
    platforms (grooves, holes, nests, various materials)


  • Minimum production changeover times enable flexible, future-proof
    production systems


  • Easy configuration with Asyril’s Feeder Control Center Software

  • Various hopper sizes


smart control system

EYE+ optimizes the performance of your Asycube with an integrated vision based on Artificial Intelligence and a powerful controller. ​​

Plugins Screenshot.png


Feeders are compatible with all robot brands. In order to facilitate the interface between robots, PLCs and our products, plugins are available to download.

Application_Asycube_240_dual feeding_HD (1).png

The Dualfeeding functionality in order to feed two different
parts on a split plate.

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